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Chapter 7 Car Loan

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We help people get Car Financing even if they have filed Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Our Premiere Lending Partners can provide what most Sub-Prime lenders cannot, Chapter 7 Car Loans matches bankruptcy filers with financing options to get a new or used car. Getting a Car Loan can be difficult once you have filed bankruptcy, but not with us! We focus on matching people with Chapter 7 get the Auto Financing that they need. We work with customers that have filed bankruptcy or are post bankruptcy or bankrupties.
bankruptcy car loans
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Get a car after chapter 7 bankruptcy
Figure out what you can afford

Use a car loan calculator to see what loan amounts look like with different interest rates. It will help you to understand how much a vehicle will cost you. It will provide an estimate of what you could afford and what your monthly payments would be. Try our Car loan calculator to see if you could get financing. Even with a chapter 7 bankruptcy, we can still help you with getting the car you need. There are lenders and dealer groups that work specificly with customers that have bankruptcies and bad credit. Don't let your chapter 13 bankruptcy result in getting your application denied, we can still help you getting a new or used car.

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